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Harris Health System, Lyndon B. Johnson Hospital

Clinical Laboratory Study

With an eye toward both immediate and longer-term needs, HERA provided a current state analysis and future state ideal flow diagram, resulting in a more efficient and organized sample and materials flow throughout the clinical laboratory.

HERA created three future-state concepts through a series of interactive sessions and meetings with end users and Harris Health System administrators, ultimately selecting the option that will best meet their goals while minimizing cost and disruption to the lab during a phased renovation.

Project goals were wide ranging:

» Accommodate future annual volume growth, including new tests

» Provide increased operational efficiency and organized sample and material flows

» Allow for future automated equipment

» House an increased number of non-hospital pathologists

» Increase employee safety and security

» Improve overall workplace environment through improved ergonomics, rightsizing of workstations and a more aesthetically pleasing laboratory

The current lab is located on the third floor and is compartmentalized with small, enclosed areas that limit the lab’s ability to grow and adapt to changing technology. Lab functions are fragmented, hindering efficient flow of specimens and materials. The recommended concept phasing plan establishes proper adjacencies and expands the currently congested anatomic pathology group.


Houston, Texas


10,840 net square feet


Current state flow analysis, concept and schematic design and DD’s for automation



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