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Rowan University

Rowan Hall (College of Engineering) Renovation

The Rowan Hall renovation accommodates the university’s expanding engineering programs, research labs, teaching space and storage needs.

Initially, HERA worked with the University to develop a recommended space program and strategy for the allocation of 46,986 net square feet for Chemical Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and STEM departments, general-purpose classrooms, materials testing core lab and shared space. In addition to the programming, this step also concluded with a preliminary cost estimate for the proposed renovations.

Subsequently, HERA provided design development for 2½ additional floors, including finding efficiencies in laboratory space for the University. HERA worked with the architect and Rowan to ensure their budget was met for all areas of the project.

The project was completed over two phases to capitalize on the scheduled closure of portions of Rowan Hall created by the new College of Engineering addition currently under construction. The first phase of work was completed in the summer of 2016 and was limited to the first floor south wing of the building. This phase occurred in conjunction with the bridge connection of the new addition to the building at Rowan Hall and includes the STEM Lab, Project and Manual Machine Teaching Lab, the Manufacturing and Automation Research Lab, and requested upgrades to the chemical storage rooms, as well as infilling the high bay lab floor. Phase Two was completed after the new College of Engineering building was complete, during the 2016-17 school year and subsequent summer.


Glassboro, New Jersey


76,300 GSF


Programming, planning and design, equipment planning


Clark Caton Hintz

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