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University of Nebraska, Nebraska Center for Virology

Ken Morrison Life Sciences Research Center

The Nebraska Center for Virology unifies all virology and cancer research creating a synergistic and collaborative cross-discipline research program. The Center includes state-of-the-art laboratories for multidisciplinary biomedical research supported by tissue culture, a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) suite, shared microscopy and cell-flow cytometry facilities, environmental rooms, and a BSL-3 research laboratory suite.

The Center for Virology links virologists at UNL, University of Nebraska Medical Center, and Creighton University. The Center includes scientists who work on viruses that infect plants and animals as well as people.

Laboratory wings originate from a central hub that contains building circulation, interaction/break rooms, and shared support spaces. The building design anticipates a future third wing spiraling off the hub. A single central corridor at the center of each wing divides laboratory and support space from offices. Entrances to the office spaces are grouped at cul-de-sacs to enhance the scientist interaction that inevitably occurs in corridors.


Lincoln, Nebraska


74,000 GSF


Master planning, programming, lab planning and design


IDC Architects

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