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University of North Carolina-Charlotte

Bioinformatics Research Building

The new 4-story interdisciplinary center on the Charlotte Research Institute Campus of UNC-Charlotte houses the Bioinformatics Research Center’s departments of Statistical Genetics, Systems Biology, Computational Chemistry, and a research vivarium. The LEED Silver certified building offers space for both wet and dry laboratories (over 50%), and includes core facilities for gene expression, proteomics, microscopy, crystallography, and computer-based clinical research programs.

Systems Biology (study of the internal and external factors that impact gene regulation and interaction) – spaces include wet labs (molecular biology), micro array fabrication, micro array lab, microscopy/imaging, autoclave, shared instrument room, freezer/refrigeration room, and cold room, as well as computer labs and offices.

Statistical Genetics (mainly computation work to study the relation of genetic make-up to disease; search databases and data from assessments of genetic variability in patient populations to associate phenotype with pathology) – spaces include computational lab and offices.

Computational Chemistry (computer modeling of chemical structures and activities) – spaces include proteomic lab, instrument lab, freezer/refrigeration room, as well as seminar room (virtual reality), computational lab, and offices.


Charlotte, North Carolina


100,000 GSF


Research program needs assessment, laboratory programming, planning and design, construction administration assistance


LEED Silver



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