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University of Pittsburgh

Life Science Complex Renovations

The Life Science Complex is actually three facilities built over the years: Clapp, Langley and Crawford Halls. The complex houses the Departments of Biological Sciences, Neurosciences, and Psychology. Renovations were designed to better accommodate laboratory research and teaching needs.

The biggest challenge to the renovation was integrating the new mechanical systems for the labs within the low floor-to-ceiling height. Also, the demolition and construction took place while the building was in operation.

Biosciences renovations included state-of-the-art biological wet labs (open/flexible and closed/fixed) specialized equipment, and associated support spaces. HERA designed a BSL3 training suite that includes tissue culture, wet lab, and support spaces designed to meet NIH and University EH&S standards. This lab was the first of its type focusing on undergraduate training in research activities and protocols (observing work with BSL3 agents).

Multiphase renovations for the legacy Life Sciences Complex buildings improved flexibility and interaction opportunities, created a mix of lab sizes to support existing levels of laboratory activity, provided buffer spaces for growth, and created zones of uses to facilitate MEP service strategy.


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


67,500 GSF


Facility assessment, programming, laboratory planning and design, equipment planning


IDC Architects

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